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About the Practitioner

 I initiated and ran the Flagstaff Athletic Club massage program from 1984-1994 and left to work on the W.L.Gore massage team and for several chiropractors. I then returned to the Club's two locations in 1996 and served as the massage team's Coordinator until 2016. I had also maintained a private office, as well, in downtown Flagstaff since 1987.  In November, 2015, I completed training in Compassionate Touch work for the elderly, chronic pain sufferers, dementia and hospice patients.  I was employed by one of the Hospice organizations here in Flagstaff and treated patients in facilities, in private homes, and at my office. I set up a GoFundMe site for donations so that I could work on all those patients who may need this service, despite their financial situation. As of January, 2022, I am now located in only one office, 515 N. Bertrand St., besides doing outcalls for Compassionate Touch patients. I love working closely with a variety of health professionals, such as physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, counselors, and hospice to provide quality coordinated care for our mutual patients. I also fuse my two loves of teaching and bodywork by presenting numerous seminars and classes in introductory massage, self-care, personal growth, and self-discovery and Compassionate Touch work.

I feel that I easily combine my fields of interest and expertise to provide a holistic approach for the restoration of health to the mind/body/spirit/emotions of each client for each session. I tend to specialize in arthritic problems, chronic pain, injuries and debilitating conditions, sexual abuse, and other emotionally-based issues, such as physical or emotional trauma, grief, and PTSD, as well as elder-related problems. My clients range from infants to the elderly, and I willingly adapt to meet the needs of the individual.

If we can learn to be good to ourselves...and to others, wouldn't we all then be more tolerant, more accepting, more content, more peaceful, and thus, more at ease with life? And, indeed, isn't that what life should be about?"

With love, and deepest respect for all beings,





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